Sessions with Claire are game changers. She will take you to the places you *need* to go, and you will return with powerful insights and possibly a new map for your life. Her commitment to helping you find your authentic self isn’t feel good fluff, it’s the real deal, and I am so grateful to have had her help. 

- Sarah C, Digital Marketing Specialist

Claire is an amazing person and an incredibly skilled professional. She is genuine, insightful, and committed to supporting others in their lives and in the ways in which they want to grow. A rare find.

​- Kathy M, Social Work Manager

In just one session, Claire offered me a handful of rich insights, approaches, and tools that I had not even considered amidst my fixation on the challenge I’ve been facing. She encouraged and supported me to prioritize the things that really matter to me. This has created a deeply-needed buoyancy around the things I truly love, allowing me to bring them more fully into the question of how I will move forward on my path.

-Jessica A, artist and customer service rep

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Working with Claire was an incredibly positive experience. 

I was at a point where I was totally stuck, constantly anxious, and not really able to make a decision. I wasn't sleeping.

Over multiple sessions, Claire was able to help me pinpoint what was causing this, and offer some exercises that really took the power out of my fear and anxieties.

I came away from the whole experience with a new perspective on how to deal with my feelings and a new understanding of how I think.

I cannot recommend her services enough.

Amanda A, Retail Services Manager

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