Working with me starts with a FREE 30 minute coaching discovery session, to be set at our mutual convenience. Why?

Because I have found that folks benefit from some focused time to clarify what their needs actually are. Many people have approached me to redo their resumes so they can job search their way out of a negative work situation; however, it quickly becomes clear that they have no clarity around what their job goal is. To create a resume with no goal in mind (let alone the wonderful, joy-bringing, freedom-based goals I strive to help folks discover) is a recipe for prolonged misery! I won't do it!

Once we've established what you actually need, these are the services I offer:

  • Hourly career-focused life coaching - "First Sparks" - single sessions for $110/hr (+ 5% GST = $115.50)
                                                                     - "Find the Flicker" -identify best-fit job options through a package of 3 sessions for                                                                               $300 (+ 5% GST = $315)
                                                                     - "Fan the Flame" - coaching that helps you identify AND achieve the job you want                                                                                   through a package of 10 sessions for $950 (+ 5% GST = $997.50)
  • Resume & cover letter development - $495 (+ 5% GST = $519.75) for a targeted résumé for a specific job/job goal

                                                                          - $595 (+ 5% GST = $624.75) for targeted résumé, general résumé, and cover letter 

  • Job search skills training                     - $110/hr (+ 5% GST - $115.50) or in a package of 3 sessions for $300 (+ 5% GST- $315) 

Looking for                                    ? I also continue to provide fertility coaching and support to the LGBTQ community, both online and in person in the Greater Vancouver BC area. Contact me to learn more, or to join my secret queer Facebook support group (over 1,300 members). No one should struggle alone to find resources, friends and community while growing their family!

Still not sure if Hope and Wonder is right for you? Why not contact me to have a chat about where you're at, no obligation. If I think you'd be better served by someone else, or a different service altogether, I will share my suggestions with you. Helping people get their needs met is what I am all about. 

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